The Future is Coming in the Form of the Hyundai Nexo

The automotive industry is moving and evolving quicker than many buyers can keep up with. As hybrid, electric and fuel-cell cars become more and more popular, the automotive industry is ready to turn the world on its head. One of the most exciting types of cars that is coming to market is the Hyundai Nexo. This upcoming SUV is fuel-cell powered and is slated to hit the market next year! Learn more about this model today!

This futuristic and exciting new SUV is ready to make driving an efficient car more exciting than ever before. Fuel-cell technology allows your car to run on hydrogen in what seems like it could be the most efficient way possible. Even though it is not powered in the most conventional way, the Hyundai Nexo, which is the result of 20 years of development makes more power, has a longer range, and is more efficient than past fuel-cell powered Hyundai models.

We know that this model is still ways away, but everyone here at Ricart Hyundai in Groveport, OH is incredible excited about this upcoming model. In the meantime, check out our huge selection of new Hyundai models and see why we are the premier dealership in the Groveport area. See you soon!


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